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When developing a website, there are a few pages that need to be considered but for one reason or another are not mentioned….but should. One specifically is the ‘404 Error’ or ‘Page Not Found’ page – I’m sure you’ve come across one at some stage. When a request is sent to a server for a resource (usually a web page) but the resource is not available, has been moved, deleted or had it’s named changed, the server will respond with a code 404 – or “not found” – this can be frustrating for the visitor and they may end up leaving your site.

404 pages can generally be customised, however the majority of the time web developers and website owners over look these pages and are not aware of the role they can play in engaging or re-engaging with visitors to your website.

One creative example of a 404 page comes from Kualo (link below) which has a branded version of Space Invaders game within the page.

404 – Page not found (kualo.co.uk)